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Let's Make Faces!

Hear the author read Let's Make Faces! (01:45)

Now Available

Let's Make Faces! an interactive book for the classroom and the entire family!
  • Provides a colorful, playful and rhythmic way for children to fall in love with language using rhyme, repetition and movement, which are important building blocks for future readers.
  • Encourages adults to interact and laugh alongside children. You are never too old to play!
  • Promotes eye contact, facial expression, social interaction and communication skills
    for children with developmental disorders including autism.

Age level: 2 to 8 (plus the young-at-heart!)

Book Review

“Part of what makes this book work is the variety of faces Jeannie Roberts depicts. All those nose scrunchings, hair clutchings, ear pullings, and goofy grins are irresistible invitations into Ms. Roberts’ colorful, genial world. And the text will inspire its audience to try to guess the rhyme that’s just around the next page turn. Let’s Make Faces! has clear appeal to younger children (and their collaborative adults). But I think older kids will also enjoy pulling it off the shelf again when they’re feeling particularly silly and playful.”

—Jack Bushnell, author of Circus of the Wolves, Sky Dancer, and Farm Crossing

Your book has been a blessing in a way that words can't express." Charlene K.
Jeannie E. Roberts

Jeannie E. Roberts writes for children and adults alike. She's authored six books, including Rhyme the Roost! A Collection of Poems and Paintings for Children (Daffydowndilly Press, an imprint of Kelsay Books, 2019), The Wingspan of Things, a poetry chapbook (Dancing Girl Press, 2017), Romp and Ceremony, a full-length poetry collection (Finishing Line Press, 2017), Beyond Bulrush, a full-length poetry collection (Lit Fest Press, 2015), and Nature of it All, a poetry chapbook (Finishing Line Press, 2013). Learn more about her at www.jrcreative.biz.

For book orders and school readings, please contact the author:

Jeannie E. Roberts

Wisconsin based artist, author, and poet
tel/text 715.456.1512
e-mail jeannie.roberts10@gmail.com